Rory’s Corner

This Is My Story…


My name is Rory and I am a White and Tan Cocker Spaniel. I was born on the 10th of September in 2011. This is my corner and my story!

My mom got me when I was just 6 weeks old and she took care of me just like a little born baby! At 6 weeks I was already playing and wondering around what the new things that surrounded me were. Here’s a picture of  mummy holding me, the first day that she adopted me..

This is also on my first day.. Having a nap because i needed it!


Mom tried so hard to house train me… I was a very naughty boy when I was a baby pup. I used to pee and poop in every corner of the house, even though if I had just came in from a walk! Chewing was and still is my favorite thing! I learnt a lot of different tricks too… I love those treats! Balls are my desired toys, and I like to fetch but I can find anything and make a toy out of it, even if its mummy’s new shoes! When I go out for walks, I love barking at other dogs, but occasionally I get scared of other dogs too.

I know I can be a very cheeky boy but mummy says that I am the sweetest and cutest thing ever. My favorite sport is jumping in the pool, even when I am not supposed to. I love swimming and I really enjoy playing in water.


When I am called to go for a wash, I try to hide, but when it’s all over I feel so great and am the happiest dog ever! I love running after I have had my shower and fool around with my toys and the other dogs!

Rory's Corner

When it’s time for my mummy to eat, I rest my chin on mummy’s lap, hoping she would give me some of her food; I am such a lucky dog! Whilst mummy is relaxing, I find it irresistible; I have to give her kisses and cuddles. I enjoy resting with her! She loves it! I sleep a lot too and when it’s time for mummy to go to bed, I always crawl underneath the sheets just so I could sleep so cozily next to her feet, mummy often finds me sleeping on her face in the morning! I love her and she loves me a lot … Here are some pictures of us

Rory's Corner